The Power of Organization

Be like the electric grid, through which power flows smoothly.

Be like the electric grid’s system, through which power flows smoothly.

I may or may not have OCD but given that I work better with a system, I couldn’t care less (at least not so much. Hah!). There should be at least two groups of people – the ones who work better in clutter and those who seem to do well if everything is organized. I hereby declare that I am definitely, definitely a member of the latter. Throw me in a pit of mess and I’ll never get anything done even after seven days, six nights. When organized, however, I will complete the task.

I have always been one to have everything lined up. Back in the university days, I lose track of assignments if I don’t have them written on my self-produced worksheet. Some may see it as being too systematic, putting myself into a hassle of organizing when it’s not necessary. Well, it is for me. Even up to this very day, most of my… agendas… are organized. It’s like my brain goes into sleep mode whenever it detects clutter. So, how can I not be systematic or organized or “arranged”?

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Growing from crises

We should learn to love the dark as lights do not glow when the day's shining bright.

We should learn to love the dark as lights do not glow when the day’s shining bright.

I have to come clean before I indulge in this post. Truth be told, I’m probably one of the last people who know anything about crisis management. Regardless, I’m moving ahead because I do know one thing. No matter how bad a person handles a crisis, he or she will always come out stronger. It’s one of those buy-one-free-one packages. You throw yourself in a pit of troubles, you struggle, climb out, take a shower and feel cleaner than ever. So perhaps we could at least try and see problems as some form of consolation. That could just help us through it, if not over it.

Here’s why I think crises can be beneficial…

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The Waves of Anger

Anger... the waves in our hearts.

Anger… the waves in our hearts.

We may or may not have given this a deep thought but if you really think about it, anger isn’t that much different from ocean waves. There’s time when the waves are roaring like a mad lion, aggressively rippling towards the shore. But at times, it’s all calm and clear. Human beings and nature are more alike then we give them credit for.

Emotions are a roller coaster ride. They go up and drive you mad before plummeting and evaporating into thin air. When we’re angry, all we want to do is scream. Yell at the person we’re mad at. We choose words which we think would deliver a bullet no one could dodge. We do everything we can to cause damage to the other party. Why? Because we know how much our anger wants to be fed. And more often than not, we give in. I, for one, have realized that anger management is complicated but not impossible. We simply need to wait for the low tide. Continue reading

Diversity – not a disease!

Be you!

To be who you want to be.

This is something I can’t stress enough and for that, it feels rather sad…pathetic even. I understand having a certain set of rules to maintain peace and harmony. That certain guideline to make sure that we don’t cross each other’s lines. But I definitely don’t get the concept of being in the wrong simply because your actions differ from that of others. I. Don’t. Understand. The. Need. For. Photocopies.

Being an individual and being individualistic are two different things. It’s one thing to never think about others and another to constantly think about others until you lose yourself. It’s probably in our nature to strive to conform but that doesn’t mean we can’t fight that habit…that awful, awful habit.

It’s hard. I’m not saying that we can glide through that process but I think it has to be done. It has to be done, that is, if you want a life that you deserve. Would you be happy to live a life that’s dictated by others? Who would be the one to face the consequences if things don’t go as planned? Ultimately, you and you alone. For that very reason, struggle if you must, fight if you have to… but be sure to put your destiny in your own hands and faith in that of God.

I am no shrink and neither am I an expert. I’m human, if I’m anything. And being human affords me the chance to see these things. So here I am, sharing with you… human to human. Here’s how I think we can continue being ourselves despite the harsh reality that people constantly judge us.

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Three reasons to speak up

Silence does not always work your way.

Silence does not always work your way.

It’s sad that we have so many things to share but rarely share them, so many thoughts to reveal but often keep them hidden. There’s no escaping from a world flooded with perceptions, what with people constantly judging you. You’ll keep thinking if the words you say would offend someone or if they would make you look stupid. So you take the safest route out. Keep quite.

While that may help you avoid confrontation, it could also land you nowhere. Think again. Why would you let someone else fly your plane? I’d rather have it on autopilot than have a passenger take over the cockpit. Speaking up does more good than harm if you really think about it. Here are three reasons why I say so. Continue reading

The Support System

Be a part of the support system.

Be a part of the support system.

Insignificance is the new significance.

That made-up tongue twister should be something that we hold on to, we embrace, we believe in. I guess there’s no need for me to establish that life, as we know it, is tough (I’ve made it pretty clear in my previous posts). Having stated that, we are all in need of a support system. One that keeps us going that extra mile. Where in the world do we find such a system? No need to go too far. The journey is short enough if we all play our part.

Perhaps we are too caught up in our own web of challenges that we fail to notice the hurdles others are going through. Not a single human being is free from obstacles. Mind you, even a baby needs to cry (the challenge) to be given milk (the goal). That is exactly why we should be there for each other. Would it hurt to offer just a piece of encouragement to make that person’s life that much easier? Continue reading

One Shot

Make the shot count

Make the shot count

Do second chances exist? Sure they do. Can we always get up after a great fall? Of course we can. But we still only have one shot in life. As much as we can keep trying, shying away from certain things would give us nothing in the end except for regret. And I’m speaking from experience (at least partially).

Too often we find ourselves flashing back on our lives – the “if only”, “what if” and “should have”. Up to a certain point, I find it frustrating. You will blame yourself for not having the guts to pursue what you wanted simply because you were afraid of failing. The fear of facing the consequences pulls you deeper and deeper into the dark corner, killing your enthusiasm and courage.
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