Comfort Zone – When NOT to step out!

Should you get up from your comfortable seat and take the steps into the unknown...?

Should you get up from your comfortable seat and take the steps into the unknown…?

A load of crap. I mean…it can be.

We live in a world where people do what others do and say what others say. I agree that stepping out of the comfort zone manufactures a set of wings that lets you soar across the sky like a newly grown dove. The more grounds you cover, the wider the view and the better the insight. There’s only one problem. The phrase “you need to step out of your comfort zone” has been used one too many times and honestly, it’s getting old.

I’m allergic to the habit of expressing things like these simply because we’ve heard it being used many times. It’s a shame that our society makes conformity the root of most actions. Come on… haven’t we watched Divergent? As fictional as that is, I’m certain there’s one or two lessons embedded within the script. If only we’d open our eyes and have a real good look. Continue reading


How To Make Your Own Decisions


The decision we make determines the path that we take…

Life is, and will always be, a challenging platform. We constantly challenge ourselves, others constantly challenge us and events that take place in life constantly challenge our needs and wants. That’s precisely why we need to make our own decisions without depending on other people, at least not too much.

It’s probably safe to say that I’ve learned the hard way that letting others decide who you want to be or what you need does little to solve your dilemma. On the contrary, it adds salt to the wound. It’s only natural for us to think about what others might think of our decisions. But we need to remember that perceptions of others remain perceptions. Our decisions, on the other hand, determine the path we’ll take for the rest of our lives. The math is pretty simple, isn’t it? Continue reading