Comfort Zone – When NOT to step out!

Should you get up from your comfortable seat and take the steps into the unknown...?

Should you get up from your comfortable seat and take the steps into the unknown…?

A load of crap. I mean…it can be.

We live in a world where people do what others do and say what others say. I agree that stepping out of the comfort zone manufactures a set of wings that lets you soar across the sky like a newly grown dove. The more grounds you cover, the wider the view and the better the insight. There’s only one problem. The phrase “you need to step out of your comfort zone” has been used one too many times and honestly, it’s getting old.

I’m allergic to the habit of expressing things like these simply because we’ve heard it being used many times. It’s a shame that our society makes conformity the root of most actions. Come on… haven’t we watched Divergent? As fictional as that is, I’m certain there’s one or two lessons embedded within the script. If only we’d open our eyes and have a real good look. Continue reading


Why being cool should not be an effort

There’s probably a million ways to interpret “cool”. Someone has a luxurious car parked in the driveway, that’s cool. That girl with that all-black outfit, cool! He’s so smooth around girls, cool… It goes a thousand angles but regardless, I think being cool should not take much of an effort. If it does, that’s more of trying to be cool rather than being cool. Sadly, people who can’t seem to grasp this concept are probably everywhere. I understand the drive to impress…but there’s nothing so impressive if the attempt to be cool is pretty much obvious, is there?

It’s about time that we realize the fact that when we don’t bother about being cool…we are cool. In time, those around us will appreciate how comfortable we are with ourselves. I can’t stress it enough that we are all different and we should not struggle to conform or be someone whom we are not. Of course, we occasionally find the need to do so but let’s not that that idea too far until it becomes part of our lives. A second nature. An unhealthy second nature. Continue reading

Diversity – not a disease!

Be you!

To be who you want to be.

This is something I can’t stress enough and for that, it feels rather sad…pathetic even. I understand having a certain set of rules to maintain peace and harmony. That certain guideline to make sure that we don’t cross each other’s lines. But I definitely don’t get the concept of being in the wrong simply because your actions differ from that of others. I. Don’t. Understand. The. Need. For. Photocopies.

Being an individual and being individualistic are two different things. It’s one thing to never think about others and another to constantly think about others until you lose yourself. It’s probably in our nature to strive to conform but that doesn’t mean we can’t fight that habit…that awful, awful habit.

It’s hard. I’m not saying that we can glide through that process but I think it has to be done. It has to be done, that is, if you want a life that you deserve. Would you be happy to live a life that’s dictated by others? Who would be the one to face the consequences if things don’t go as planned? Ultimately, you and you alone. For that very reason, struggle if you must, fight if you have to… but be sure to put your destiny in your own hands and faith in that of God.

I am no shrink and neither am I an expert. I’m human, if I’m anything. And being human affords me the chance to see these things. So here I am, sharing with you… human to human. Here’s how I think we can continue being ourselves despite the harsh reality that people constantly judge us.

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