Comfort Zone – When NOT to step out!

Should you get up from your comfortable seat and take the steps into the unknown...?

Should you get up from your comfortable seat and take the steps into the unknown…?

A load of crap. I mean…it can be.

We live in a world where people do what others do and say what others say. I agree that stepping out of the comfort zone manufactures a set of wings that lets you soar across the sky like a newly grown dove. The more grounds you cover, the wider the view and the better the insight. There’s only one problem. The phrase “you need to step out of your comfort zone” has been used one too many times and honestly, it’s getting old.

I’m allergic to the habit of expressing things like these simply because we’ve heard it being used many times. It’s a shame that our society makes conformity the root of most actions. Come on… haven’t we watched Divergent? As fictional as that is, I’m certain there’s one or two lessons embedded within the script. If only we’d open our eyes and have a real good look. Continue reading


Time and all its games

Seconds, minutes and hours. Constantly running out.

Seconds, minutes and hours. Constantly running out.

I’ve recently watched Interstellar and…(drum roll)… kudos! I loved it. I’ve never been a fan of sci-fi but this movie surely changed that. And the fact that Anne Hathaway was in it… even better. I love her! There’s one thingĀ about the movie which brings me to this post. Time.

Matthew McConaughey (Cooper in the movie) traveled to space in search of a new home for Earth’s inhabitants. Long story short (because I suck at explaining Science), the time difference between Earth and wherever he was heading to was mind blowing. It was something like an hour to Earth’s seven years. Yeah, I know…completely insane. So he missed watching his children grow up…very emotional.

Anyway, that got me thinking. We rarely sit down and think about how well time is being used, do we? Or even if we do give it some thought, we barely know what to do. As much as we want to make the best use of the time we have, dreams and desires overlap one another. Responsibilities seize the top position on our list, burying the much wanted goal beneath layers of doubts. Time is cruel…cruel in the sense that it presses us and stretches us. No matter what we do, there’ll always be something that goes undone. We will always try to get that done but at the end of the day, it’ll still be a long journey. Continue reading

The Support System

Be a part of the support system.

Be a part of the support system.

Insignificance is the new significance.

That made-up tongue twister should be something that we hold on to, we embrace, we believe in. I guess there’s no need for me to establish that life, as we know it, is tough (I’ve made it pretty clear in my previous posts). Having stated that, we are all in need of a support system. One that keeps us going that extra mile. Where in the world do we find such a system? No need to go too far. The journey is short enough if we all play our part.

Perhaps we are too caught up in our own web of challenges that we fail to notice the hurdles others are going through. Not a single human being is free from obstacles. Mind you, even a baby needs to cry (the challenge) to be given milk (the goal). That is exactly why we should be there for each other. Would it hurt to offer just a piece of encouragement to make that person’s life that much easier? Continue reading

One Shot

Make the shot count

Make the shot count

Do second chances exist? Sure they do. Can we always get up after a great fall? Of course we can. But we still only have one shot in life. As much as we can keep trying, shying away from certain things would give us nothing in the end except for regret. And I’m speaking from experience (at least partially).

Too often we find ourselves flashing back on our lives – the “if only”, “what if” and “should have”. Up to a certain point, I find it frustrating. You will blame yourself for not having the guts to pursue what you wanted simply because you were afraid of failing. The fear of facing the consequences pulls you deeper and deeper into the dark corner, killing your enthusiasm and courage.
Continue reading

Redefining Success


It’s not about shooting all the balls into the hole, it’s about shooting the right ones.

One of the things in life that could make you experience joy or agony is success. Ironic? That’s the truth. You see, our ultimate aim, whatever that is, is to achieve success. You may want a high-paying job, a big position in a prominent conglomerate, a beautiful wife, lots of children…practically anything under the sun. All those are translated successes. The proof of achievements.

If, and when, we achieve success, the feeling lifts us up beyond the clouds. It escalates us to a whole new level of satisfaction. But what happens when we fail to realize our dreams, or fail to do so now? The truth and the obvious answer – disappointment. That’s natural but it doesn’t mean it has to stay that way. Continue reading