Venting or Bad-Mouthing..?

Do we remind ourselves not to talk too much?

Humans are built to have flaws. Can you name me one person who is just perfect? Exactly. The fact that you can’t give me a name is already a flaw. That’s just beyond our human mind. With weaknesses come negative actions. Decisions which we’re not necessarily proud of but we do it anyway. How many times have we bad-mouthed someone? And how many times have we said we’re just venting?

You see, the thing is….venting does work to our advantage in certain situations. It keeps us from growing into a volcano, inch by inch until one day, we just explode. But would it still be a life tool if all we’re doing is talking behind that person’s back? That’s something to ponder. As I am also guilty at times, let’s step into this together. What’s the difference between venting and bad-mouthing? Continue reading


The Social Brand – How far would you go?

Who's that person behind the social silhouette?

    Who’s that person behind the social silhouette?

Or rather how much would you spend? I reckon we’ve always been creatures of imprisonment. In the sense that many of our actions are determined by what others might perceive or how others would react. We spend half the time thinking “What can I do to make others notice me?” or “Would this impress others?”. I wonder if there really is a line to be drawn or is the sky the limits when it comes to social investment? Continue reading

Social Media Etiquette

The social media game.

The social media game.

We’re aware of table manners. We know how to say thank you (at least quite a handful of us) to express gratitude. We know that talking loud in a library is a big no-no. So why is it that many of us do not really know how to behave when using social media? Okay. There’s probably no standard rule for this one but simply because it’s generic does not mean that we can’t try to be better social media users, right?

It’s time, now more than ever, for us to stop a second and think before we post something on Facebook. Give a second thought before tweeting and assess your words before you comment on Instagram. You know… simple things like that can cause problems which are anything but simple. Social media is so advent these days that we discover more and more of people’s characters through them. The problem isn’t social media but rather the users. Whether we’re on Whatsapp or any other mobile application, we should know that there are boundaries to everything.

There’s probably many materials on this issue but here’s my take on it.
Continue reading

Why being cool should not be an effort

There’s probably a million ways to interpret “cool”. Someone has a luxurious car parked in the driveway, that’s cool. That girl with that all-black outfit, cool! He’s so smooth around girls, cool… It goes a thousand angles but regardless, I think being cool should not take much of an effort. If it does, that’s more of trying to be cool rather than being cool. Sadly, people who can’t seem to grasp this concept are probably everywhere. I understand the drive to impress…but there’s nothing so impressive if the attempt to be cool is pretty much obvious, is there?

It’s about time that we realize the fact that when we don’t bother about being cool…we are cool. In time, those around us will appreciate how comfortable we are with ourselves. I can’t stress it enough that we are all different and we should not struggle to conform or be someone whom we are not. Of course, we occasionally find the need to do so but let’s not that that idea too far until it becomes part of our lives. A second nature. An unhealthy second nature. Continue reading

The Waves of Anger

Anger... the waves in our hearts.

Anger… the waves in our hearts.

We may or may not have given this a deep thought but if you really think about it, anger isn’t that much different from ocean waves. There’s time when the waves are roaring like a mad lion, aggressively rippling towards the shore. But at times, it’s all calm and clear. Human beings and nature are more alike then we give them credit for.

Emotions are a roller coaster ride. They go up and drive you mad before plummeting and evaporating into thin air. When we’re angry, all we want to do is scream. Yell at the person we’re mad at. We choose words which we think would deliver a bullet no one could dodge. We do everything we can to cause damage to the other party. Why? Because we know how much our anger wants to be fed. And more often than not, we give in. I, for one, have realized that anger management is complicated but not impossible. We simply need to wait for the low tide. Continue reading

Three reasons to speak up

Silence does not always work your way.

Silence does not always work your way.

It’s sad that we have so many things to share but rarely share them, so many thoughts to reveal but often keep them hidden. There’s no escaping from a world flooded with perceptions, what with people constantly judging you. You’ll keep thinking if the words you say would offend someone or if they would make you look stupid. So you take the safest route out. Keep quite.

While that may help you avoid confrontation, it could also land you nowhere. Think again. Why would you let someone else fly your plane? I’d rather have it on autopilot than have a passenger take over the cockpit. Speaking up does more good than harm if you really think about it. Here are three reasons why I say so. Continue reading

Intention or Intervention…?

What's the best way to do something good...?

What’s the best way to do something good…?

What started as off as pure and kind could end up in a complete disaster. I know sometimes we mean well. All we want to do is make this world a better place. But let’s have some sort of a reality check. Is the world getting better or is it turning from bad to worse? I hate to be negative but that’s how it is.

Good news, though. There’s always a way around it if not through it. We can carry on with our good intentions. Don’t stop wanting to loan your buddy some money. Never grow tired of lending a shoulder to cry on. Don’t shy away from offering an advice or two. But…do all that with caution. Good intentions only stay that way if they are executed correctly and here’s my take on it. Continue reading