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My very own quote:

If passion for writing could be transformed into cash notes, I’d be a millionaire.

I guess that speaks it all, doesn’t it? I. Love. Writing. Big time!

Imagine a world without words, without the ability to speak our mind through written sentences. I don’t think I can live in such a place. If you think about it, everything begins with writing. Motion pictures. Job applications. Business deals. Everything under the sun. The best part of writing is that anyone can afford to write. That’s a fact no one can deny. Even if you write just your name, that’s writing. If you curse by updating your Facebook status (many people do that), that’s writing. When you tweet, that’s writing. See. I wasn’t lying, was I?

As far as writing goes, topics you can cover go above and beyond the seas. Even the sky isn’t the limit (I love exaggerating). But I have chosen only two precious, precious topics for my blog.


I’ve always been inspired by events that take place in my life. I’m not talking about extravagant, posh dinners or anything like that. I’m referring to the more subtle daily happenings. Like fighting with your best friend, or having a crush…oh, oh…or getting really mad at someone that you want to throw a punch. Those are the things that keep my pen polished.

We all have different takes, different perspectives as far as life is concerned. Isn’t it a luxury we should all embrace? We each have only one life but the stories we could tell… it’s one hell of a storage!

Life defines who we are. I, for one, love writing about life and anything life-flavored because it reminds me of who I am and who I want to be. You know how life is. It’s good when it’s good but when it sucks, it sucks real bad. Writing helps me get through it.


Ahah! A space dedicated for my imagination. I love fiction. I read and read and each time I do, I crave to be the next best-selling author. To see my novel on the shelves, that would be the epitome of dream-come-true. So here I am. Sharing my very own fiction stories. Of course, the tales are nothing without you reading them. Tell me what you think. Or share your very own ideas. Let’s make this one hell of a fiction ride!



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