I’ve always wished that I could reach that peak of my writing career, the top of the hill where people turn to me for writing advice. I envisioned writing tips and cool methods for the next aspiring writer. While that dream was big (still is folks!), the dynamic depth of that goal stopped me from blogging about writing. The thought that I shouldn’t write about writing unless I’m some big-shot author made me bench myself. So I ended up blogging about other things. Eventually, though, I realized one thing.

Reality check:

Why was I waiting to share my writing when I can share it while it’s being written? It dawned on me that writing is an ongoing journey, filled with bumps and hills as I try to turn words into phrases and phrases into masterpieces. If I waited until the end of the line before sharing what I experienced, what would be left for the readers besides a piece that has been perfected? Wouldn’t I be depriving them from the juicy and gory details of how the pen bled before it sculptured words into a book worth reading?

So that’s my turning point. You’ll see that there are articles under the “Life” and “MyFiction” sections on the menu bar. Those are entries which I wrote before the reality check. You’ll also notice “Writing Journal”, the latest addition to my blog. This is where I bring you onto the boat I’m rowing in the ocean of words and ideas. I am a writer but I’m also an aspiring novelist and this is one journey that I’d like you to join. From raw ideas to hurdles in coming up with ideas and all the way to my own set of tips as I learn from experience, Pages by Shahridzuan is my way of calling all writers and aspiring writers to come together and empower the writing world with our undivided passion.

Cheers to a brighter writing sun!

Shahridzuan Azali


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