Scripts for Telemovie and TV Programs

Throughout the years as a freelance writer, I have collaborated with several production houses on scripts for a telemovie and TV programs. To preserve the copyright of the aforementioned materials, I have included here only the list of projects.

Red Comm (Malaysia-based production house)

Project: Astro TV Tutor (PMR Express)
An education-based program for which I designed the main concept involving an animated robot. High school students are able to use this TV program as one of the approaches in revising subjects on which they will be tested in public examinations. A teacher covered the technical aspect of the project by providing questions and answers for the subjects involved while I incorporated those input into a TV script for production.

Cartoon4Kids (Malaysia-based production house)

Project: Telemovie – Jagohan
For this project, I was contracted to write the entire script-writing package involving the synopsis, treatment and the actual script. This animated movie revolved around a clan of tigers, with the main theme being power struggle. It was a story which brought together elements of war, humor and even politics in the animal kingdom. I created an entirely new setting featuring the tigers’ kingdom which boasted military training grounds, obstacle-filled areas within the jungle and other elements which brought the story to life.

Project: TV Series – Mac & Ted
An animated TV series revolving around a robot which accidentally landed on Earth after his space ship crashed onto the planet. For the initial season, I wrote 30-minute TV scripts for the episodes involved. I was also contracted to create the entire story-line for one of the next seasons, in which the setting took place in the robots planet. I created a whole new world featuring elements like twin aliens, unique plants, etc.

Here are some promo clips of this series from the production house:



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