Venting or Bad-Mouthing..?

Do we remind ourselves not to talk too much?

Humans are built to have flaws. Can you name me one person who is just perfect? Exactly. The fact that you can’t give me a name is already a flaw. That’s just beyond our human mind. With weaknesses come negative actions. Decisions which we’re not necessarily proud of but we do it anyway. How many times have we bad-mouthed someone? And how many times have we said we’re just venting?

You see, the thing is….venting does work to our advantage in certain situations. It keeps us from growing into a volcano, inch by inch until one day, we just explode. But would it still be a life tool if all we’re doing is talking behind that person’s back? That’s something to ponder. As I am also guilty at times, let’s step into this together. What’s the difference between venting and bad-mouthing?

The Difference

  1. Venting simply serves to alleviate your stress or anger, an alternative to verbal counter-attacks which could lead to uglier outcomes. Bad-mouthing, my friend, serves nothing more than to put someone in bad light, with no intention whatsoever to release stress.
  2. Venting often happens before you realize it but bad-mouthing usually takes place after you’ve given it some thought. Hmm…makes sense? No?
  3. You’ll likely feel guilty after venting but you’ll know that every once in a while, it’s alright to be less of a noble person. It’s like investment. You spend now and gain later. You vent now, let go of your anger and grow into a calmer individual. Bad-mouthing, on the other hand, will likely conclude with you either not feeling any guilt or worse, you feel satisfied. Huh. Awful, ain’t it?
  4. Venting is usually done with a certain degree of balancing in facts. While you talk negatively about someone, you address that person’s positive side as well. Bad-mouthing? Well, let’s just say that it kills your momentum if you even make a passing mention of that person’s good qualities. More often than not, there is no talk about good stuff when you’re bad-mouthing someone.

Now, why are these difference important? As petty as they come, knowing these can make us better people. Better, not perfect. I won’t even try talking about how we should strive to be free from venting and bad-mouthing. That’s ideal, yes, but also unrealistic. Come on. What kind of life gives us the ticket to constantly be happy? A bullshit kind of life if you ask me. Reality check – there isn’t such a world. Not unless you’re in some fantasy world.

So I reckon as should at least try to opt for venting when we are down with frustration or anger. It may still be ugly but at least we’re trying to mitigate the awful characteristics that come with being a human.

A rather rare angle, this one, but worth thinking about…


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