The Social Brand – How far would you go?

Who's that person behind the social silhouette?
    Who’s that person behind the social silhouette?

Or rather how much would you spend? I reckon we’ve always been creatures of imprisonment. In the sense that many of our actions are determined by what others might perceive or how others would react. We spend half the time thinking “What can I do to make others notice me?” or “Would this impress others?”. I wonder if there really is a line to be drawn or is the sky the limits when it comes to social investment?

Pictures of people in designer clothes (and selfies with high-end food) are all over the social media like nobody’s business. No…actually, it’s everyone’s business. Many people make it a point to let others know how well they are doing by shoving money in their faces. By money I mean anything that represents dollar notes – shoes, perfumes, watches…

Don’t get me wrong. I love beautiful photos, especially those with great composition. What I’m referring to is the motivation behind such posts. If it’s simply to share photos and the greatness in a product, I’m all yours. But if it’s purely to push yourself up the social ladder, that’s where I’m a little apprehensive. Reality check… whose life is it anyway? Ours or theirs?

Let’s spend a moment and try to truly understand what socializing is (or how it should be) and what the social world is currently offering. Back when technology was purely an advancement, we used to embrace the literal sense of socializing. We mingle, we talk, we trade stories in person. That’s how we push ourselves up the ladder. With every growing day, we expand the social pool by getting to know a friend of a friend of a friend. Today, physical meet-ups have to be interrupted by frequent taps on the smartphone screen. People are more concerned about how many likes they get on their social media account and, sometimes, they’re not in the least bothered about how you feel sitting in front of them, waiting while they finish their “social” business. Too much of something is never good and apparently, many of us are taking social media in huge doses.

My unproven theory is that such people are hungry for recognition. Not the kind they would get by giving someone a good time in actual outings but rather the kind that could inflate their ego, nourish their pride. That’s the social brand they’re chasing for. It is so important that people become constantly aware of how well they are doing at work or how much money they’re filling their accounts with that nothing else matters much when it comes to socializing. I may be wrong but having seen I can’t help but wonder… how real is that person behind the screen? Fake seems to be the new real while real is becoming more and more expensive.

I can’t stress it enough, though, that social media is a great tool. I’m certainly not saying it isn’t. I guess it all goes back to how it is used and what it is used for.



  1. In today’s day and age, we love showing off, and social media does just that. Its as if we don’t own THAT thing or have gone to THAT place if we didn’t post a picture of it on Facebook, instagram, or snapchat. Awesome post!

    1. I couldn’t agree more Ramexa. It gets old sometimes, seeing how desperate some people are for recognition. I understand wanting to feel good but when it surpasses a certain level…that’s when I just don’t get it.

      Thanks for reading and dropping by! 🙂

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