Comfort Zone – When NOT to step out!

Should you get up from your comfortable seat and take the steps into the unknown...?
Should you get up from your comfortable seat and take the steps into the unknown…?

A load of crap. I mean…it can be.

We live in a world where people do what others do and say what others say. I agree that stepping out of the comfort zone manufactures a set of wings that lets you soar across the sky like a newly grown dove. The more grounds you cover, the wider the view and the better the insight. There’s only one problem. The phrase “you need to step out of your comfort zone” has been used one too many times and honestly, it’s getting old.

I’m allergic to the habit of expressing things like these simply because we’ve heard it being used many times. It’s a shame that our society makes conformity the root of most actions. Come on… haven’t we watched Divergent? As fictional as that is, I’m certain there’s one or two lessons embedded within the script. If only we’d open our eyes and have a real good look.

My question – why step out of your comfort zone when you’re content with where you are? Before you take out the rifle and gun me down, note this. There’s a difference between being content, happy and satisfied. At least that’s how I look at things. Being satisfied is merely feeling that something lives up to the expected standard, one that’s usually set by your surroundings. Being happy, on the other hand, is a dose more personal. You may feel, or even know, that there’s more for you in the world out there but sanding where you are doesn’t stop you from smiling. I guess that’s “comfort zone” at its purest definition. Now for the big finish! Being content goes beyond all that. You’re not only smiling but you’re also able to walk with your chin up and man, the strides you take… talk about strut! So why mess up something that has grown into your version of perfection? It just doesn’t make sense, does it?

True. Simply crossing your legs in the “convenient” territory keeps you safe but stops you from growing. Refusal to step out of the comfort zone because of fear or, to be blunt, laziness, is a bad habit in life. But… staying where you are when all you’ve been chasing for is there sounds like a good choice to me.

Take work for instance. Say your dream is to be an arts teachers at an international school. At the same time, you wish to pursue your passion for singing – you want to be a part-time singer for special occasions like weddings and birthday parties. After hopping from one job to another, you finally secure one at an international school which requires your eye for creativity. And because you’re being paid for the morning session, you have the entire evening for your singing career. Plus, weekend’s a free two-day slot. Doesn’t that sound like your dream has been realized? Would it be logical to resign simply because you “need to step out of your comfort zone”?

Long story short, I agree with trying something that’s not my cup of tea only if whatever I’m doing now gives me nothing but a half-baked smile. If I’m grinning like an idiot, I doubt I’ll even consider exploring the other side of the hill. I’m all about having the most best possible version of balance.

Reality check – we can’t have all we want in life. Stick to what makes us content!



  1. I do see your view. But the idea of ‘stepping out of comfort zone’ is when you are NOT content or happy. And when you do step out of your comfort zone, its terrifying but worth it in the end. At least you took the pain to do something different. Still an awesome post! Please do check out my blog as well! 🙂

    1. Hey there,

      Good point. I do agree, plucking up the courage could be worth it when we’re nowhere near where we want to be. I’m just a little less fond of those who remind others they need to step out of their zone without truly understanding that concept. Thanks for reading the entry! Will check your blog out 🙂

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