Why being cool should not be an effort

There’s probably a million ways to interpret “cool”. Someone has a luxurious car parked in the driveway, that’s cool. That girl with that all-black outfit, cool! He’s so smooth around girls, cool… It goes a thousand angles but regardless, I think being cool should not take much of an effort. If it does, that’s more of trying to be cool rather than being cool. Sadly, people who can’t seem to grasp this concept are probably everywhere. I understand the drive to impress…but there’s nothing so impressive if the attempt to be cool is pretty much obvious, is there?

It’s about time that we realize the fact that when we don’t bother about being cool…we are cool. In time, those around us will appreciate how comfortable we are with ourselves. I can’t stress it enough that we are all different and we should not struggle to conform or be someone whom we are not. Of course, we occasionally find the need to do so but let’s not that that idea too far until it becomes part of our lives. A second nature. An unhealthy second nature.

I’ve come across people who try to show that they are not the typical person. I’ve seen those who try to speak with an accent when clearly, it’s completely forced. That does little to impress. On the contrary, it draws attention to your flaws. People are not stupid. They can detect if your accent is bull and worse, they can smell your identity crisis. I mean, who are you trying to be? Isn’t networking all about getting to know different types of individuals? So why fake your way through? When you try too hard, it’s as good as not trying at all.

I’m probably venting but really, I find it hard to tolerate fakes. I know it can be tough to be yourself, especially when you feel like you have so many weaknesses. Trust me, I know. But if you really think about it, it’s not worth doing all sorts of things simply to try and be cool. It’s overrated anyway. I personally find someone who’s confident enough to not conceal his or her weaknesses appealing. That’s being real. Cool or not, that’s beside the story. Stop trying to portray that you’re a tough chick when you’re a romantic. There’s not need to get all tough and mighty around girls just to show that you’re man enough. Whoever you are, it’ll come through naturally. I do believe that our best qualities shine through when we stop thinking about how to exhibit them.

Okay. End of rant. Time to “cool” off… lol!


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