The Waves of Anger

Anger... the waves in our hearts.
Anger… the waves in our hearts.

We may or may not have given this a deep thought but if you really think about it, anger isn’t that much different from ocean waves. There’s time when the waves are roaring like a mad lion, aggressively rippling towards the shore. But at times, it’s all calm and clear. Human beings and nature are more alike then we give them credit for.

Emotions are a roller coaster ride. They go up and drive you mad before plummeting and evaporating into thin air. When we’re angry, all we want to do is scream. Yell at the person we’re mad at. We choose words which we think would deliver a bullet no one could dodge. We do everything we can to cause damage to the other party. Why? Because we know how much our anger wants to be fed. And more often than not, we give in. I, for one, have realized that anger management is complicated but not impossible. We simply need to wait for the low tide.

What the hell does that mean? Just lie low and do nothing. I know how awful that could be. It’s like feeling itchy but having to restrain scratching that particular patch to avoid it from spreading. But believe me, if you choose to decide against acting upon your anger, the outcome could surprise you… in a good way. It’s a given that we say things we don’t mean when we’re angry, only to regret them later. So why put ourselves in that position?

Even if we do say things that we truly mean, most of the time that brings us nothing. Being angry can be very tiring. It’s probably even more tiring than being sad or worried. The worst part is…the party we’re mad at might not even bother about what we throw at them. So it’s all a complete waste of time and energy. If you manage to stop yourself from going all wild and crazy, you’ll realize that the very thing that’s bothering you is insignificant. Simply a small patch of dirt in a world that’s very huge and dynamic. When you prevail, you’ll give yourself a pat on the back for having grown that much.

Even if you feel you have to say something while you’re still angry, do your best to give the words a thought. Arrange them neatly before saying it out loud or typing it on your phone. Think twice, three times even, before hitting the ‘send’ button. Regardless of who’s in the fault, what you say portrays who you are and I’m sure no one wants to come off rude and shallow. So, do yourself a favor and take the high road.

This isn’t one of those post where I sprinkle the piece with a list of steps. That’s because anger is a river of emotions. It’s not something we can fully control. It is, however, something that we can deal with. So what’s the harm in negotiating?


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