Diversity – not a disease!

Be you!
To be who you want to be.

This is something I can’t stress enough and for that, it feels rather sad…pathetic even. I understand having a certain set of rules to maintain peace and harmony. That certain guideline to make sure that we don’t cross each other’s lines. But I definitely don’t get the concept of being in the wrong simply because your actions differ from that of others. I. Don’t. Understand. The. Need. For. Photocopies.

Being an individual and being individualistic are two different things. It’s one thing to never think about others and another to constantly think about others until you lose yourself. It’s probably in our nature to strive to conform but that doesn’t mean we can’t fight that habit…that awful, awful habit.

It’s hard. I’m not saying that we can glide through that process but I think it has to be done. It has to be done, that is, if you want a life that you deserve. Would you be happy to live a life that’s dictated by others? Who would be the one to face the consequences if things don’t go as planned? Ultimately, you and you alone. For that very reason, struggle if you must, fight if you have to… but be sure to put your destiny in your own hands and faith in that of God.

I am no shrink and neither am I an expert. I’m human, if I’m anything. And being human affords me the chance to see these things. So here I am, sharing with you… human to human. Here’s how I think we can continue being ourselves despite the harsh reality that people constantly judge us.

  1. Think about who will be responsible for your actions
    People may criticize you. They may condemn you for your decisions and choices. On a more positive note, they may advise you. There’s no harm listening but you’re in for one hell of a hurtful process if you blindly suck everything in without considering what’s in it for you. Say you accept what everyone is telling you. You do it. If things turn our fine, great (though there may be another issue – see the next point). But if things turn ugly, will those insightful “assistants” be there for you. Yes, they might stand by your side. But when it comes to matters of heartaches, personal pain and what not, you’re the sole victim. People can help you ease that pain but they can never completely share it.
  2. Sense of achievement
    Would it be fun if you imitate the moves of others just because you’re afraid to be different? Is being content not important at all? True enough, following the foot steps of a successful person would give you a better shot at being successful yourself. But that’s not a guarantee. As far as life is concerned, my friend, nothing is certain. Even if it goes well, would you feel like you’ve truly earned that big win? Wouldn’t it feel like that victory needs to be shared with the person you copied? Just a thought. I’m all for inspiration but we need to know our limits.
  3. Think about how dull it would be
    We probably don’t notice this because given the world we live in, such a scenario barely exists. Imagine a society where every single person is the same. No diversity. No colors. Simply…nothing much. Wouldn’t that be dull? This is perhaps a far-fetched probability but I guess it’s worth a thought. We’re able to explore new grounds because there are others who are not like us. We can learn because they are not like us and they can learn from us because we are different. DIFFERENT. The word that I’m trying to embrace because I, for one, am sick of being the same. Period.

Long story short, I reckon we should stop comparing ourselves against others. I’ll probably still do that but the fact that I’m writing this keeps me reminded that doing so is not exactly helping much. As hard as it is, making the first move helps. Let’s together give this a shot and see where it lands us. Cheers to being us!


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