Three reasons to speak up

Silence does not always work your way.
Silence does not always work your way.

It’s sad that we have so many things to share but rarely share them, so many thoughts to reveal but often keep them hidden. There’s no escaping from a world flooded with perceptions, what with people constantly judging you. You’ll keep thinking if the words you say would offend someone or if they would make you look stupid. So you take the safest route out. Keep quite.

While that may help you avoid confrontation, it could also land you nowhere. Think again. Why would you let someone else fly your plane? I’d rather have it on autopilot than have a passenger take over the cockpit. Speaking up does more good than harm if you really think about it. Here are three reasons why I say so.

  1. It clarifies things.
    Trust me. Misunderstandings occur because we assume. We think we know the situation so we simply interpret and conclude without saying a word. One thought leads to another and soon enough, an awful picture gets painted. What good does that do? Besides upsetting us with negative assumptions, betraying our beliefs with a weak notion and stabbing our trust with unjustified arguments?

    If you think a person should know something, tell that to him or her. If someone is doing something offensive, say it out loud but with diplomacy. Be tactful. Offer yourself for a discussion to resolve matters. Don’t keep everything bottled up because one day, you will not be able to hold it any longer.

  2. It gives you a boost of confidence.
    The hardest part of speaking up is always opening your mouth. But once you do, you’ll find that it gets easier in time. The more you speak up when you need to, the higher your confidence. Say you’re into freelance writing but most of your friends think that you’d have no future doing that. You try to smile and accept their opinions without disagreeing but they don’t stop. What do you do? Swallow everything? Or do you say something and stand your ground?

    You try and justify your dreams by saying that writing makes you feel happy and feeling happy helps you earn money. Your friends don’t buy it. But you persist each time they criticize your aim. Then you complement that with an actual writing project, a paying one. The next time they comment about your career path, you speak up again. You say that they have been wrong and you’ve been making progress. Eventually, you’ll realize that you have the power to determine your ambitions and achieve them. Soon enough, you’ll have an optimistic view in life.

  3. It shows people that you can handle yourself.
    Predators are lurking behind every corner. There’s that senior executive who hates seeing the newbie climb up the career ladder. And there’s that course mate of yours who simply loves taking credit for everything you’ve done in the group. The list goes on. That’s why speaking up is one of the most essential weapons. Keeping quiet despite feeling angry is not being kind, it’s being stupid. Of course, you need to be diplomatic when you speak up, not scream at the top of your lungs. But the bottom line is…speak up!

    When people around you know that you’re not one to remain silent if you’ve been deprived of your rights, they would think twice before stabbing you in the back. You’ll appear strong and confident, someone who knows what’s right and what’s wrong. It’ll give you the perfect armor against bad intentions. Remember, though, when you speak up, speak right. No one respects those who talk without substance.

Now do you see the importance of speaking up? Body language can be good but depending on that for nearly everything is as good as being invisible. I used to be timid and perhaps, still a little apprehensive at times. But I’ve definitely learned that being afraid to say what’s on your mind when you have the right to gets you nowhere. Life is complicated enough. Let’s not make it worse with the absence of spoken words.

Here’s to speaking up and standing your ground. Cheers!


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