Three reasons to speak up

Silence does not always work your way.

Silence does not always work your way.

It’s sad that we have so many things to share but rarely share them, so many thoughts to reveal but often keep them hidden. There’s no escaping from a world flooded with perceptions, what with people constantly judging you. You’ll keep thinking if the words you say would offend someone or if they would make you look stupid. So you take the safest route out. Keep quite.

While that may help you avoid confrontation, it could also land you nowhere. Think again. Why would you let someone else fly your plane? I’d rather have it on autopilot than have a passenger take over the cockpit. Speaking up does more good than harm if you really think about it. Here are three reasons why I say so. Continue reading


Intention or Intervention…?

What's the best way to do something good...?

What’s the best way to do something good…?

What started as off as pure and kind could end up in a complete disaster. I know sometimes we mean well. All we want to do is make this world a better place. But let’s have some sort of a reality check. Is the world getting better or is it turning from bad to worse? I hate to be negative but that’s how it is.

Good news, though. There’s always a way around it if not through it. We can carry on with our good intentions. Don’t stop wanting to loan your buddy some money. Never grow tired of lending a shoulder to cry on. Don’t shy away from offering an advice or two. But…do all that with caution. Good intentions only stay that way if they are executed correctly and here’s my take on it. Continue reading