The Support System

Be a part of the support system.
Be a part of the support system.

Insignificance is the new significance.

That made-up tongue twister should be something that we hold on to, we embrace, we believe in. I guess there’s no need for me to establish that life, as we know it, is tough (I’ve made it pretty clear in my previous posts). Having stated that, we are all in need of a support system. One that keeps us going that extra mile. Where in the world do we find such a system? No need to go too far. The journey is short enough if we all play our part.

Perhaps we are too caught up in our own web of challenges that we fail to notice the hurdles others are going through. Not a single human being is free from obstacles. Mind you, even a baby needs to cry (the challenge) to be given milk (the goal). That is exactly why we should be there for each other. Would it hurt to offer just a piece of encouragement to make that person’s life that much easier?

I have come to realize that a mild gesture of support goes a long way in helping others. I, for one, have been blessed with such an experience. Often, I find myself at crossroads. There’s just so many things I want to achieve but there’s also so many things that get in the way. And I’m often defeated… even before the battle begins. Fortunately, a few simple words from a few close friends remind me that nothing is impossible. They remind me that it is never too late to try. No, they did not hold my hand throughout the journey. They simply said “go for it” (or words akin to those).

As simple as that line was, it did a lot in lifting my spirits. Of course, not all words of encouragement work. But trust me, if we all make it a point to support others in pursuing their dreams, life will feel that much easier. Don’t we all want to be supported? Don’t we all want to have people backing us in justifying our dreams? If yes, is it too much to offer such support to others?

Such gestures require no investment. No consumption of resources of any kind. Just words. Sincere words from a sincere heart and intention. Yes, we may find it artificial…like we’re not sincerely endorsing one’s dreams and ambitions. It probably takes practice. I believe there’s always an angle from which we can start from. Think logically. Every dream is achievable. The only thing that stands in the way is the circumstance. So to make things simpler, encourage and motivate through a more general approach. Say something like “Yes…it will be hard. Perhaps nearly impossible. But I have seen people done amazing things. There’s no reason why you can’t do the same”.

See? Words which are general and subjective but naturally, hearing those words keeps one reminded that no matter how difficult it is to achieve a goal, determination could make it possible.

We all want to live in a better world. Let’s do our part. Be kind and help others with their battles for doing so will help us with ours. An experiment worth trying…


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