One Shot

Make the shot count
Make the shot count

Do second chances exist? Sure they do. Can we always get up after a great fall? Of course we can. But we still only have one shot in life. As much as we can keep trying, shying away from certain things would give us nothing in the end except for regret. And I’m speaking from experience (at least partially).

Too often we find ourselves flashing back on our lives – the “if only”, “what if” and “should have”. Up to a certain point, I find it frustrating. You will blame yourself for not having the guts to pursue what you wanted simply because you were afraid of failing. The fear of facing the consequences pulls you deeper and deeper into the dark corner, killing your enthusiasm and courage.

Well, I am nowhere near overcoming that but at least, I have come to realize that such attitude gets a man nowhere. As much as we think there will always be another time, there really isn’t. Before we know it, we’re either too old or time has changed and the situation just doesn’t afford us the ability to pursue our dreams. I reckon now is as good a time as any (the best, in fact) to chase after your dreams.

I constantly tell myself that I need to simply forget everything, block every single trace of fear and just go for it. So what if I fail? So what if I put myself in deep shit (pardon the language). At least I don’t go around wondering what would have happened if I tried. At least I get my answer. Probably, the best feeling would be to overcome such fear and get through with it – succeed or fail.

I envy the success of others but at the same time, I don’t find myself doing much about it. So with this post, I hope something changes. I hope that switch within me turns on and gives me a boost.

We have one shot. One shot to go for it before it’s too late. They always say it is never too late and I agree. But we should use that saying as a motivator, not an excuse to procrastinate. So, good luck!


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