Walk The Talk If You Talk The Talk

Really. Unless you can back your words with actions, it would be better if you never open your mouth in the first place. OK. This sounds like a rant but if you come to think of it, it’s about time we all be aware of this. I’ve met several people who are quick to judge and jump to conclusions without even stopping, for the briefest of moment, to ponder the reasons behind a particular person’s actions. Nowadays, people can’t wait to step onto the jury stand.


Why talking the talk but not walking the talk is such a turn-off?

  • Empty vessels make the most noise
    Hah…the oh-so-classic saying which lives on. Those who constantly talk big and belittle others are often those with the least to be proud of. When one is content with what one has, will there be a need to blindly criticize others? Surely not. Most of the time, people find points to bring others down to make themselves feel good. Doesn’t it annoy you when someone determines whether or not your actions are right or wrong? Aggressively explaining to you what you should have or should have not done? But what happens when the exact same thing (or one that is very much similar) happens to that person? Does he or she act in the manner initially suggested for you? I doubt it. Perhaps in some rare cases but definitely not in most of them.Despite that, they are the ones who criticize the most, making the most noise when the person who is actually in the situation is you and you alone.
  • Adds salt to the wound
    To me, if you have nothing helpful to say, might as well just keep it low. Real friends voice what they feel about your decisions with the intention of helping. Sadly, some may voice what they feel simply because they feel like doing so, barely thinking about the kind of assistance you need. When that happens, the comments are often empty criticisms, bringing you lower than you already are. As it is, you’re already struggling with a dilemma. Rather than helping you out of it, such comments would only make matters worse, driving you closer and closer to the breaking point. In some cases, they might not appreciate you sharing your views when they fall into the same situation.P/S: This is more of don’t talk the talk when you know it won’t help the walk.
  • Invites Mr Karma
    My personal favorite. The best lesson is this – what goes around comes around. If you’re quick to judge someone on certain things, you could end up choking on your own words. I’ve had experiences where Person A says that Person B should not have taken Action X. And one fineeeee day, Person A gets caught in the exact situation and opts to take Action X. Funny? Or plain humiliating? You tell me.

I reckon it all boils down to respect. If we make it a point to have mutual respect for one another, the world will be a better place. My suggestion is this. Unless you know perfectly well about something, restrain from assuming the know-it-all attitude. If you know little about something, it is completely fine to present yourself in such a way. If your intention of voicing your opinion is to help, you should know your limits in voicing what you feel.

Truth is, we don’t really need to learn how to walk the talk when we talk the talk. If we talk the talk to help others walk, the outcome would likely be beautiful. Am I making sense?


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