Walk The Talk If You Talk The Talk

Really. Unless you can back your words with actions, it would be better if you never open your mouth in the first place. OK. This sounds like a rant but if you come to think of it, it’s about time we all be aware of this. I’ve met several people who are quick to judge and jump to conclusions without even stopping, for the briefest of moment, to ponder the reasons behind a particular person’s actions. Nowadays, people can’t wait to step onto the jury stand.


Why talking the talk but not walking the talk is such a turn-off?

  • Empty vessels make the most noise
    Hah…the oh-so-classic saying which lives on. Those who constantly talk big and belittle others are often those with the least to be proud of. When one is content with what one has, will there be a need to blindly criticize others? Surely not. Most of the time, people find points to bring others down to make themselves feel good. Continue reading