Fiction And All Its Magic

Perhaps it has finally dawned on me why I love to read fiction novels. Of course, good stories have always appealed to me but lately, I realized there’s more to that. To me, good fiction has that certain kind of magic that only good fiction is capable of giving. Maybe if you’ve experienced it, you’ll know exactly what I mean.

Just to share some of my favorites before we…you know… get down to business…. 🙂

Great novels by great authors!

The Magic of Fiction

Magic 1: Escapism

Ah, the prime magic of fiction. Life, as we know it, constantly throws challenges at us. While they make us grow into better people, there will be times when all we feel like doing is just to forget about solving problems, at least for a good half an hour. Ring a bell? I, for one, have been in such scenarios multiple times.

Not all problems have clear-cut solutions. Some could hover around our heads for days. Hell, even for months. And the more we think of it, the worse it gets. That’s when fiction novels come in. Grab a book, dive onto (not into) your bed and start your journey. Travel to another world. Meet new people. See new places.

No, I’m not screwed up. Seriously, try it. I’ve always found myself drawn into the world the novel creates. As I read, vague images constantly appear in my head. When that happens, it automatically fades reality out of my mind. It channels all my worries and agony to another place. So for that brief period, I can breathe and recharge my mind and heart.

It’s kind of interesting. Despite that some of the fiction characters have problems that are extremely depressing, they have the exact opposite effect on me. Perhaps reading about their sorrows makes me feel better – “Huh, that’s even worse than my crisis. Thank God!” Get what I mean?

It’s pretty complicated to explain in precise detail but I can say one thing. Fiction novels are one of the best sources of escapism. They tune out reality and serve you with a world full of twists and turns. A ride I have always enjoyed!

Magic 2: Motivation and inspiration

Perhaps this varies from one novel to another but in most cases, and sometimes in the weirdest ways, fiction stories have the power to boost our enthusiasm or reinforce our dreams. Say you read a story about a single mother. The hardship she goes through makes you admire her. And when she succeeds in her life, you’ll tell yourself that if a single mother can do it, you certainly can too.

Okay. I know. That example is way too cliché. Just wanted to give a clear explanation. Let’s get out of the box.

Say you read a zombie novel. This particular zombie isn’t like any other living dead creatures. He (or it) has feelings and emotions and what not. He wants to be human. The story ends with a happy closure, with the zombie transforming into a human being. Wouldn’t that be inspiring? No, no. Not asking you to inspire yourself to be a zombie. I was referring to the zombie’s perseverance. That’s how fiction can motivate us to keep pursuing our dreams. Or inspire us to achieve more in life.

For me, the more fiction I read, the more I want to be a novelist.

Magic 3: Medium of expression

These days, having close or best friends does not guarantee company whenever you need it. Novels, on the other hand, are always there. You know how they say crying your heart out will ease the pain? It’s pretty true but the problem is, not everyone can easily shed a tear. As much as they want to, they simply can’t and it tears them apart.

So how does fiction help? It triggers emotions. Say you’re sad that your boyfriend left you, or your dream girl is getting married tomorrow to someone else, and your best friend is halfway across the world. Wouldn’t that suck? It would. Unless you grab a book and seek its assistance.

Referring to the above scenario, you’re probably feeling extremely sad. Perhaps reading a romantic novel with a melancholic ending could help. Such a story will play with your heart and magnify that sadness in you. It could push you into crying or shedding a tear. Say your heart is made of stone and you can’t cry even if your life depends on it, at least the story will leave a slight emotional impact. That alone, I reckon, helps you to indirectly express your emotions.

Yet another thing you need to experience yourself in order to truly understand what I mean.

There are probably other ways fiction novels cast their spells on us. How did their magic wands affect you?


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