How To Feel Proud Without Being Snobbish

It's good to climb up but it's never good to forget where we began.
It’s good to climb up but it’s never good to forget where we began.

Feeling proud is the source of confidence but as life is, too much of anything is never good. When there’s too much pride in the chest, it explodes into something that’s not only bad for us but also for those around us. I am seriously allergic towards show-offs, boasters and those along that line. But as much as I hate such attitude, at least it reminds me to not forget that I could as easily become snobbish if I’m not careful.

I reckon the problem is not because people are not aware that showing off is not very appealing. The problem is perhaps people refuse to acknowledge that they’re being snobbish (in cases that apply). I’d like to share this post for, hopefully, the benefit of all of us.

Here are some of the ways I think could grant us the luxury of feeling proud with our achievements without risking coming off as a boastful jerk.

1. Anticipate that annoying feeling

This is pretty much simple. You know how you feel like punching someone in the face for being extremely annoying? I’m sure you have met people who simply love to rub their assets in your face – money, career, house, car… It sucks, right? Having to sit there as you listen to them go on and on about how great they are, how far they have come and how much better they are compared to others.

All you have to do is hold on to that feeling in your mind. You know how horrible it feels like to be the victim. So remember. If you ever feel like bragging about your latest sports car, or the compliments you receive from your boss, or your growing pile of cash in the bank, stop and think twice before jumping right at it.

If you want to share it with your mates, that’s completely fine but do so with the intention of sharing. Trust me. The way you speak and the reaction you will get will be pleasant if your intention wasn’t to belittle others. When you share your joy, you get some back.

2. Remember that we could lose what we have anytime

Perhaps some people just love showing off because they forget that nothing is permanent in life. They forget about karma. So they go all out with Twitter, Facebook, etc to tell the world how great their life is. As easily as life gives us what we have, it can as easily take it away.

Wouldn’t it be better if we enjoy what we have and be thankful rather than go around parading them like the king of the world? Again, there’s a difference between sharing and showing off. I just can’t stress that enough.

3. Reflect. Who or what contributed to our success?

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by happiness when we achieve something. But if we are not careful, that happiness could turn into extreme pride. Avoiding that means avoiding being snobbish. It means keeping our noses where it should be – not high up in the air. One way to keep our feet on the ground is to give a thought on the person (or thing) behind our successes. Was it your best friend? Was it your wife? Or girlfriend? Boyfriend? Did you sacrifice your time and money to get to where you are?

All that will remind you of where you were before you reached the top. Remembering that will keep you attached to the ground. You will always appreciate the hardship you’ve been through to taste success. I reckon with that in mind, chances of you giving the I’m-way-better-than-you attitude are slim.

4. Transform pride into motivation

We have all the right in the world to feel proud when we realize our dream or achieve a goal. After all, we worked for it (though some may just be lucky). It’s fine to take a few moments to celebrate. But don’t get carried away and when you’re done, take that pride and gear it towards another level of motivation. You’ve gone that far but there’s always a new destination to pursue. Now you know what you’re capable of. So use that capability to keep moving forward. Remember your success but don’t forget that it could distract you.

There.  Just some of the suggestions I have. We are all bound to feel proud at certain points in life. Perhaps we are all guilty of being snobbish at least once in our lives. The least we could do is strive to keep that attitude at bay. Shall we?


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