Monologues Of A Murderer


The Storyteller

Before I tell you this story, you need to promise me that this will be our little secret, you and I. Because what I’m about to tell you is highly confidential. As much as I don’t want to share it with you, I have to. I figured it will help you in future. You will understand when you’re done listening to me.

The Agency

Not many people know about The Agency. It’s one of a kind. The Agency, founded by DM, specializes in dealing with humans. People who have problems in their lives. Problems like having trouble getting over what they’ve done. Problems like struggling with guilt. Problems like how to carry on after killing someone. (Now you see why this has to be kept private, right?)

DM is the one and only employee. Mind you, he does his job perfectly well. His clients only visit him once and puff! Problem solved. He’s that great! DM goes by the initials because his identity isn’t important. What’s important is that he solves his clients’ dilemmas. The best part? He doesn’t charge for his services. Anyone who approaches DM is guaranteed to be treated with utmost sincerity.

DM loves what he does. Completely.

The Kid

Forget about who DM is for a minute. It’s important that I tell you about a kid. This is a written version of a recorded interview between DM and The Kid (name has to be kept anonymous). DM wrote this down and was kind enough to share it with me.

I don’t know. I didn’t like what he said. He pushed me. Then he said my mum always has a bottle in her hands and she looks like an idiot. I always saw mum with a bottle, sometimes she pours the content of the bottle into a glass. But I don’t know why he laughed at my mum for having the bottle. Then he said she walks like a crab when she has the bottle in her hands. I didn’t like the way he said that.

I saw a stick on the ground beside the see-saw. I wanted to hit him so that he will stop talking about my mum. So I picked up the stick and hit him in the head. He stopped talking. But I don’t know why he lay there beside the see-saw. So I went home. Mum was drinking the content from her bottle in front of the television. I just went to my room and slept.

The Lover

Now let’s move on to another interview. This one’s a man who called himself D.

It was supposed to last forever. At least that was what I thought. Argh, love stories are stupid. They lie to you. Now I know. She said we had to end the relationship because she didn’t feel a spark anymore. She wanted to be friends but I figured that was cruel.

How could a pair of lovers be friends after breaking up? That’s plain… bonkers! Besides, we made a pact to love each other forever. I had it all planned. We were to marry each other by the beach, have our honeymoon on a tropical island… it would have been heavenly. Too bad, she had to go and screw it all up! 

But I refused to break our promise. I had a feeling that deep inside, she still loved me. After all, we promised not to love anyone else. So I helped her keep her promise. I did so one night when she was just getting into her house. I wanted to speak to her before doing it but I knew that would ruin the whole plan. So I just stabbed her in her stomach when she turned around. That way, she couldn’t love anyone else.

The Murderer

This is precious. How often do you get to go up-close-and-personal with a real murderer? Here I am, giving you that chance!

Everything begins somewhere. As for me, it all began when I was seven. My mum was an alcoholic, but I didn’t know that then. I just felt she was odd for walking around with a bottle in her hands. My friend used to tease her in front of me. I lost my patience one day and hit him with a stick at the playground. That was my first kill. Even then, I didn’t know I killed him.

And then I grew up, met people, made friends and fell in love. She was perfect. Perfect, that is, until the day she made a wrong move and ended our relationship. I killed her. If you ask me, she deserved it.

And it only grew from there. My passion for killing. Only that now I’m doing it in a more special way. My victims are not really victims. They deserve to die. You would agree with me on that.

The Storyteller

Isn’t it amazing how The Agency can have such clients? I guess you should have figured it by now. The Agency is a professional one-man body dedicated to counseling murderers. Mind you, they have feelings too. In a way, The Agency is doing everyone a favor. Why? Because DM kills his clients, the murderers, at the end of every session. He believes it gives them closure.

I guess it’s about time I explain those initials. DM. Death & Murder. OK. You’re probably wondering how I know all these stuff. Simple. I. Am. DM. And DM is The Kid. He is the lover. He is D.  He is the murderer.

Nice sharing my story with you. If you’d excuse me, I’ve got another client now.


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