How To Make Life Better Through Writing

Writing... the kind of oxygen we need.
Writing… the kind of oxygen we need.

Sighing isn’t really going to solve problems, as far as life is concerned. While I do agree that doing so gives a spoon or two of relief, the problems will revisit. I have a solution. Well, not exactly a solution but something that could help us through life and up that survival ability a notch or two.


Putting aside the fact that I’m head over heels over writing, I believe that written words have a way in playing their part in our lives. If you think of it, every single thing in life begins with words. Job applications, marriage, business deals and hell, even cursing someone. You see how much our life revolves around words? And to write those words down, mind you, makes a difference.

Here are some of the ways I reckon writing could make our lives better.

1. The Big Spill

This is something we are all aware of but seldom embrace. Some may prefer to keep feelings bottled up, not wanting others to know all the gory details of a private life. Fair enough. We all have our own secrets. But that doesn’t mean the heart is the only place to store our emotions and thoughts. The heart is just like a pail. Too much water will make it overflow. When the heart overflows with emotions, you may experience stress or anything along that line. I’m speaking (or writing) based on my own experiences.

One way to express those bottled up feelings and thoughts without having to speak to another person is to write them down. That still exposes your dark secrets? Well, that’s the best thing about writing. You do not have to reveal everything. In fact, some things don’t even require you to reveal anything.

Take blogging for instance. Say you’re mad at that someone for leaving you for another person. You do not want to share your anger with anyone at all but you can’t help feeling lonely, carrying that emotion around by yourself. What do you do? You can blog, for one. You may write about the ups and downs of a relationship. When you reach the part about the downs, it gives you the chance to express what you’re feeling. But that will be very general, given the topic of your article. When you’re done, you’ll feel much better. Or you can always go traditional with diary-writing. That’s 100% private!

2. The Mind Secretary

Life is a mess only if we do not know what we want, what we need and how to live it. True, it is complicated. But writing does a thing or two to ease that burden. Again, this applies on a case by case basis. Writing helps you organize your thoughts. It helps you solve problems by putting things into perspective.

Example. You’re not sure what to pursue for your tertiary education – Arts? Medicine? Engineering? Don’t sweat it. Write those options down and list the advantages and disadvantages. I believe this is something we seldom do. We are more likely to ponder the alternatives only in our mind rather than on paper. But trust me. Writing it down helps, to a certain extent, if not completely. It could also work for less clear-cut things like inferiority complex. Writing your weaknesses down means you’re acknowledging them. Doing so will give you an insight on what you need to boost your confidence. I think I read this somewhere.

Everything has its logic. We just need to identify it. There are many sites on such matters. Go crazy. Browse around.

3. The Sharer @ Giver

Now, taking this to a slightly higher level. Do we realize that through writing, we can help one another? I often find myself browsing through the web, looking for articles that could make me feel better. At times, I feel defeated and ashamed of my weaknesses. So I seek for articles like ways to feel good about yourself. After reading the material, I feel better. There you have it. The writer for that article has helped me, in one way or another. See what I mean?

When you write, be it your experiences, you philosophy or recommendation, you give insights into other people’s lives. While not everything you write may be true or precise, you’re still offering help, be it direct or indirect. We all have our own brain to process what we read. Hence, that’s another story. Simply writing offers that chance to help others. Even if by only 1%, it makes this world a better place.

Of course if you’re writing with bad intentions, that doesn’t count. Lol!
There really isn’t a precise way to explain this. Perhaps the only way to understand it is to try it yourself. Agree?



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