5 Golden Rules In Friendship


Can you see what the world has turned into? I hate to say this but we have reached a point where friendship, in many cases, has become a mere existence. Just something we all have because it simply exists. No doubt, some bonds go great lengths but some float just above rough waters. The worst thing is that such flaws are so subtle that we barely notice them.

I’ve listed five rules that I think we should all abide by. While common rules are made to be followed because we can mentally digest them, these rules have always been there but we simply choose to ignore them most of the time. Friendship, like love in many ways, is a gift. Can you imagine a world without friendship? Keep in mind that having friends is nothing close to being blessed with friendship. That’s mainly because we all have friends but friends don’t necessarily behave in the ideal way a real friend should.

OK. Before this gets more tongue-twisted than it already has, let’s just get down to business.

Rule 1:  Always be there when you can, not only when you want to.

We are all clearly aware that life is a busy ride. Inevitably, we get too occupied and we tend to forget one, too many people. Does is ring a bell if I ask how many times have you hung out with your buddies in the past two months? Double standards exist in friendships. Trust me on that. There will be times when we feel like hanging out with that certain someone, neglecting that other someone. We’ll only meet up with that other someone when we feel up for it.

Perhaps this is natural but that doesn’t make it right. If the friendship is sincere, I believe such a scenario will rarely come into picture. You’ll automatically be drawn to organize that meet-up, not rejecting an invitation to hang out almost each time you receive one. What makes it worse is that you’ll use the ever hectic, busy working or student life as an excuse. Answer this in your heart.

If you’re really that busy, why on Earth do you have time to hangout and have fun with others?

Rule 2: Be considerate.

It’s good to be comfortable around friends but it’s never good to be too comfortable to the extent that we forget to respect others. Being considerate is simple if we train ourselves to anticipate what others might feel. As the cliché goes, put yourself in their shoes. I personally hate it when one friend takes advantage of the other, not in the least thinking about the consequences of a certain action.

We humans are born with brains. It’s about time we use it, don’t you think? No matter how close friends are, there should always be that subtle boundary. That ensures respect for one another and the friendship will be that much better.

Rule 3: Be sincere.

I reckon not much explanation is needed here. A real friend probably wouldn’t even need to read this to be a superb buddy. But we’re all humans, bound to make mistakes. The important thing is that we must always get up-close-and-personal with our hearts. You will know for certain whether or not you befriend that someone out of sincerity. Lies work on others but not on our own hearts.

Rule 4: Understand, don’t judge.

Yet another bad habit. Despite being aware that we are not perfect, we looooveeee to judge others. Forget strangers. We judge our friends all the time. Why is he working there? The company has no future. Why is she like that? Such a shame. As a friend, you should first try to understand what your peer is going through. Assess the situation and then offer a piece of advice as you see fit. But don’t ever go all mighty stating the flaws and the should-haves like a know-it-all jury. Not asking you to lie but try and consider, for a moment or two, how hard it is for your friend to be in that situation before you conclude everything. That’s what friends are for.

Rule 5: Know when to give space

A slight contrary to the first rule. If you balance the two, great! As much as friends should be ever ready to offer a shoulder to cry on, we must know when to take a step back. This differs from one person to another but there will come a time when your friend will want some space to him or herself. Even if there isn’t any problem or crisis, friends find themselves wanting some private time. So for crying out loud give them that freaking space. We all need it.
I believe if we try and follow these so-called rules, life will be much better. We can all enjoy the bliss of friendships.



  1. Good rules .. now if I just had a few more friends I might be able to work on applying some of them. 😉 Seriously though, friendships are a valuable commodity, who’s true value we sometimes don’t realize until it’s too late.

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