Fiction And All Its Magic

Perhaps it has finally dawned on me why I love to read fiction novels. Of course, good stories have always appealed to me but lately, I realized there’s more to that. To me, good fiction has that certain kind of magic that only good fiction is capable of giving. Maybe if you’ve experienced it, you’ll know exactly what I mean.

Just to share some of my favorites before we…you know… get down to business…. 🙂


Great novels by great authors!

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How To Feel Proud Without Being Snobbish

It's good to climb up but it's never good to forget where we began.

It’s good to climb up but it’s never good to forget where we began.

Feeling proud is the source of confidence but as life is, too much of anything is never good. When there’s too much pride in the chest, it explodes into something that’s not only bad for us but also for those around us. I am seriously allergic towards show-offs, boasters and those along that line. But as much as I hate such attitude, at least it reminds me to not forget that I could as easily become snobbish if I’m not careful.

I reckon the problem is not because people are not aware that showing off is not very appealing. The problem is perhaps people refuse to acknowledge that they’re being snobbish (in cases that apply). I’d like to share this post for, hopefully, the benefit of all of us.

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Monologues Of A Murderer


The Storyteller

Before I tell you this story, you need to promise me that this will be our little secret, you and I. Because what I’m about to tell you is highly confidential. As much as I don’t want to share it with you, I have to. I figured it will help you in future. You will understand when you’re done listening to me.

The Agency

Not many people know about The Agency. It’s one of a kind. The Agency, founded by DM, specializes in dealing with humans. People who have problems in their lives. Problems like having trouble getting over what they’ve done. Problems like struggling with guilt. Problems like how to carry on after killing someone. (Now you see why this has to be kept private, right?) Continue reading

How To Make Life Better Through Writing

Writing... the kind of oxygen we need.

Writing… the kind of oxygen we need.

Sighing isn’t really going to solve problems, as far as life is concerned. While I do agree that doing so gives a spoon or two of relief, the problems will revisit. I have a solution. Well, not exactly a solution but something that could help us through life and up that survival ability a notch or two.


Putting aside the fact that I’m head over heels over writing, I believe that written words have a way in playing their part in our lives. If you think of it, every single thing in life begins with words. Job applications, marriage, business deals and hell, even cursing someone. You see how much our life revolves around words? And to write those words down, mind you, makes a difference.

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Redefining Success


It’s not about shooting all the balls into the hole, it’s about shooting the right ones.

One of the things in life that could make you experience joy or agony is success. Ironic? That’s the truth. You see, our ultimate aim, whatever that is, is to achieve success. You may want a high-paying job, a big position in a prominent conglomerate, a beautiful wife, lots of children…practically anything under the sun. All those are translated successes. The proof of achievements.

If, and when, we achieve success, the feeling lifts us up beyond the clouds. It escalates us to a whole new level of satisfaction. But what happens when we fail to realize our dreams, or fail to do so now? The truth and the obvious answer – disappointment. That’s natural but it doesn’t mean it has to stay that way. Continue reading

The Only Way I Know How

only way

It broke my heart to see April walk towards me in that defeated manner. She was my best friend and I had never seen her so beaten. It was as if the light of hope had left her for good, drowning her in darkness only she could understand. My heart reached out to her as she sat down on the empty chair in front of me in the cafe. The little smile she displayed could have taken all her strength.

“Hi…,” she said.

“How are you?”

“Me? Well….like that….”

Another weak smile. We both knew that neither of us wanted to do what we were about to do but we also knew that it had to be done. April needed closure and she needed it fast. She was falling further down the pit of emptiness.

“You sure you want to talk about it here? What if…”

“I cry? I don’t think I have anymore tears left…” Continue reading

How To Make Your Own Decisions


The decision we make determines the path that we take…

Life is, and will always be, a challenging platform. We constantly challenge ourselves, others constantly challenge us and events that take place in life constantly challenge our needs and wants. That’s precisely why we need to make our own decisions without depending on other people, at least not too much.

It’s probably safe to say that I’ve learned the hard way that letting others decide who you want to be or what you need does little to solve your dilemma. On the contrary, it adds salt to the wound. It’s only natural for us to think about what others might think of our decisions. But we need to remember that perceptions of others remain perceptions. Our decisions, on the other hand, determine the path we’ll take for the rest of our lives. The math is pretty simple, isn’t it? Continue reading